Places and Trails apps

Designed specifically for natural and cultural heritage sites, over 70 apps are powered by our location-aware Places and Trails app platform. Why the name? Because that is exactly what it showcases: places of interest and walking trails.

Whether you are a community group, charity, local authority or private enterprise our app platform can be tailored to your needs. So why not enhance the digital visitor experience for your audience?

There are three options to choose from:

Native apps (iOS & Android)

Powerful and flexible multimedia app platform with additional plugins available.

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Web apps

Showcase and trigger multimedia content on ANY device with a web browser.

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Audio Tour Guide Apps

Press play and put the screen away. The app will do the rest in the background.

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Which app is right for you?

This will depend on several factors, such as whether your site has good wifi or mobile phone coverage, what type of content you want to share and what features you want your visitors to interact with. Click the icons above to explore each option in detail or request the Native versus Web article we have put together.
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