Our first GPS-triggered app was launched back in 2009. Since then we have continued to develop our location-aware Places and Trails platform so that it may encourage interactive exploration of heritage sites, tourist attractions and the countryside.

Native apps are designed specifically for iOS and Android devices. One won't work on the other and they can't be displayed on computers. Being native i.e. designed for specific devices, they can better utilise the device's features e.g. camera, gps, bluetooth etc and provide a fast and smooth experience as a result.

promo shot showing mobile phone and some of the features such as superimpose, souvenir selfie and rewards

Core functionality

All of our native apps contain the same core features. In summary these are:

  • Online interactive mapping (using Google Maps)
  • Real-time tracking and closest place to user (with notification alerts)
  • Place and Trail list pages - filter alphabetically or by distance
  • Rich content pages for places of interest with multimedia players and image galleries
  • Detailed trail information e.g. route shown on map, waypoint descriptions
  • Additional pages for general information e.g. About Us page
  • Sliding menu navigation
  • Content filtering
  • SUPERimpose - layer and fade old photos through the camera

Watch our quick-fire 75 second video below to see these core features illustrated in one of our apps.

Content is added and updated via our easy-to-use Content Management System.


If you have downloaded more than one of our native apps you will recognise the architecture is very similar. This templated approach allows us to keep costs low, whilst being flexible enough to apply branding to make each app unique. We offer a design service or you can supply your branding guidelines and we'll do the rest.

Plug in more functionality

We offer a range of plugins to widen the functionality available in your app, which in turn makes it even more unique. They can be included from the outset or added in as part of an update.

Augmented Reality

Add digital layers onto the real world

Case study - Minehead

Offline mapping

Customisable map tiles that work offline

Case study - Ingleborough Geotrails

Souvenir selfie

Fun filters to create memories and share

Case study - Ayr


Use beacons as indoor content triggers

Case study - Kelham


Multiple choice questions to answer

Case study - Minehead

Offers & Rewards

Incentivise experiences in your app

Case study - Rufford

Language selector

Multilingual content for international audiences

Case study - Gower Heritage Centre

Push notifications

Keep app users notified of news and events

Case study - Rufford


Segment content for different audiences or themes

Case study - Kelham

Find out more

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