Web apps are websites that behave like apps. They are optimised to the screen dimensions of your device. Our web app platform is available at placesandtrails.com

Unlike a native app (designed specially for iOS and Android mobile devices) a web app will work on ANY device with a web browser; so you can view the app on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet and numerous other devices. It is universal. Furthermore, there is no app to download from a third-party site and then install. You just type in the URL and off you go.

Our web apps showcase your places and trails. It's ideal where there is a good wifi or network coverage. You have full control over the content via our Content Management System, and once your Places and Trails web app is live you can seamlessly link it with your own website. Visitors will feel it's all part of the same experience.


With GPS enabled the app will trigger content when you are near a place of interest. With no set up costs, you just pay as you go (minimum 3 month term). Comparatively, our web apps are a cheaper alternative to our native app platform, plus users can ‘favourite’ places and trails.

If you want a simple way to share your Places and Trails with as wide an audience as possible then our platform is for you. Period!

Your own Places and Trails app

Clients are given their own sub-domain on the placesandtrails.com platform and the site is tailored to your branding. Take burton.placesandtrails.com for example (image left below). Its design mirrors the client’s branding at nationalbreweryheritagetrust.co.uk (image right below). Use the app to explore the brewing industry heritage and First World War memorials of Burton-upon-Trent.

We've also worked with Quintain to develop the Wembley Park Heritage Trail web app - wembley.placesandtrails.com - and West Ham Utd and the London Borough of Newham to create the Stadium of Stories web app.

screenshot of wembley.placesandtrails.com site

Where next?

Get in touch to set up your own web app.