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Explore Plymouth – Britain’s Ocean City – with this free iOS and Android self guided trails app.

Having completed the Mayflower 400 app on their behalf, Plymouth Council were keen to use our app platform to create a dedicated app just for the city of Plymouth.

This location-aware app contains 3 core trails – Mayflower, Hoe Trail and City Centre – plus partner trails. GPS alerts trigger content automatically as you arrive at places of interest stored in the app. Discover iconic places in Plymouth, including Smeaton’s Tower and the Pannier Market, and learn about some of Plymouth’s prominent people: Francis Drake, Nancy Astor and Patrick Abercrombie.

Augmented Reality

Compare now and then with the camera view image fader and unlock bonus Augmented Reality content at the Mayflower Steps. You can also complete surveys to report how you found each trail.


Launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, the app has allowed locals to explore and understand parts of their city they didn’t know, and for those further afield it has granted virtual access to trails rich in history and heritage.

And if your device’s default language is set to French, German or Spanish it will deliver the whole experience in these languages too. And of course all of the content works offline.


It has been fantastic working with Dan and AT Creative. We were looking for an app that would allow us to include several separate trails, with the flexibility to amend our offer in the future. The core functionality offered by AT Creative was exactly what we were looking for – the ability to upload audio, embed YouTube videos and for users to change text size and colour for ease of use. Image overlay was a particularly popular function that has proved simple but effective. We ended up opting for some extras including multi-language support and animation. The CMS system is really user-friendly and has given us more freedom and ownership of our content. The app was part of a larger Plymouth Trails project, which sometimes caused delays on our end. The AT Creative team were very patient and understanding, and always offered great solutions and advise. We are really happy with the finished product and can’t wait for local people and visitors to use the app to explore Plymouth’s rich heritage.

Hannah Pooley, Plymouth Trails Officer


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