In 2018 we undertook a major update to both the user interface and content of the Rufford Abbey app to coincide with Parkwood Leisure taking over the management of Rufford Abbey Country Park. The latest version of the app has more trails and places of interest to discover, plus extra functionality.

Android screenshots from Rufford Abbey

Android screenshots from Rufford Abbey

Offers and Rewards

Using the app you can earn rewards by completing walking trails – GPS automatically checks you in at each waypoint along the route and when you have completed a trail a reward appears in the ‘Offers and Rewards’ section of the app. Users can also take advantage of special offers listed in the app. These differ to rewards in that they available without needing to do anything. Bluetooth beacons close to the park’s retail venues also alert users to any current deals e.g. 10% off in the cafe before 10am.

Place of interest content was written by the client. We devised the trails.

Push notifications

The client was keen to use the app to encourage repeat visits. Push notifications can be set up in the Content Management System and sent to all app users to alert them to up and coming events.

More plugins

Rufford Country Park suffers from poor mobile coverage. We designed and layered an offline map to sit over Google Maps to provide a consistent way of navigating around the site. The map features a variety of different pins. Users can filter the content to highlight e.g. viewpoints. App users can also take home souvenir selfies of their visit.


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